Shanna : Lawton Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Shanna’s mom found me when a friend had me do her newborn pictures. Can I just tell you how incredibly happy I am that this happened. Because, will you just look at this girl?! She was an absolute dream to work with. I mean, seriously. And I hadn’t met her before our session. I only knew that she described herself as being born in the wrong era and was a hippie at heart. Um. This isn’t quite what I was expecting with that description. Just look…

I should mention. The whole time we were shooting I was thinking Shanna reminded me of someone. At first I was thinking it was Tori Vega. I mean, they have similarities. Right? But then I got home and it hit me…this girl looks like Jasmine Star. I mean, if Jasmine had a twin I think Shanna might be her. Wait. Jasmine does have a twin. Ok, so if there were triplets…here she is. Am I right, or am I right?!

Oh look, there are already two of them. Nope, not twins. This is Shanna’s beautiful older sister Amerha. I think they could be stunt doubles for Jasmine and Bianca if they were ever to star in an action movie. Just sayin’.

Nope, not another sister. This is her mom! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Shanna’s pride and joy…meet Lacey!

These clouds starting rolling in and all I could think was that we needed to HURRY before it started pouring. But then, I was all “who cares if it pours, LOOK at these amazing clouds!”

Jana Perenchio -

What a STUNNING girl, a photographer’s dream!!! Love the locations you had to work with as well…..if only ALL sessions could be like this. 🙂