Monday Musings

Whew.  What a weekend!  I had so hoped to get this post up earlier but today just flew by with all sorts of craziness and I’m finally, just now, finding myself with some quiet time to sit and think.  If you don’t like hearing about other people’s kids then now is the time to click away.  Otherwise, read on!

My Eli has been “dating” sweet Rachel for quite some time now.  I’m not sure why I felt the need to put the word dating in quotes.  Maybe because it makes it seem less real that I have kids old enough to date?


So as the semi-formal dance approached it was assumed that they would be going together but he hadn’t actually asked her yet.  These days, guys go to great lengths with pomp and circumstance in asking their dates to go to a dance with them.  Eli had a couple of Rachel’s friends come over and they were going to spell “semi” out in candles on the driveway.  But it was windy.  Like SUPER windy.  So I snuck them in and they put the candles on display in the entryway.  Eli had to bring the candles down from the bonus room where he and Rachel and my little girls were all watching tv together.  To get out of the room he told Rachel that he had to go see a dead cat.  What?  Who even says that?  Apparently Eli does, and Rachel said, “Um.  Ok.”

Excuse me while I dab my tears.  How do I have a kid not only old enough to date but who is such a sweet heart?!    So.  Very.  Verklempt.

Saturday night was the big night and I wasn’t here.  Boohoo!  I had a good reason though, I’ll tell you why in a minute.  In the meantime, check out the super cute couples!  I set my camera up for Brad the day before I left because I had to have some documentation.  I feel certain that the girls had terrific looking shoes on, although I’m not sure because he cut their feet off.   What can you do.

So while Brad was home taking pictures of the semi attendee’s, I was in Tulsa with the little girls because Sadie had her first solo competition.  She was SO nervous and Teagan was the sweetest little sister and so supportive and ready to help in any way possible.  I tweeted that morning that I wasn’t sure who was more nervous, Sadie or ME!

Let me just say, she did AMAZING.  Seriously.  Working up to this first solo attempt I kinda wondered if she would make it through.  (Is that bad?  It’s bad, isn’t it.  Shhhhh, don’t tell her I said that!) She struggled with stamina and some of the moves in the dance and her confidence.  But it was the BEST run she’d ever done and she ended up getting 2nd place in her category.  I am SO proud of her for getting out there and facing her fears and I just know it’s going to be better every single time she preforms!

On Sunday she performed in her three group numbers and ALL THREE took 1st in their category.  Her dance, So Cold, even won for best choreography and was chosen to go on to finals.  And then, then…THEY WON!  This sweet group of girls who earlier in their busy day took the time to gather together with all their friends for a devotional since they were missing church TOOK FIRST PLACE!  Again, verklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves.

So that was my crazy busy weekend in a nutshell.  You might be wondering where Madi was during all of this.  Well let me tell you.  She was on a date with her new suitor.  (Please say “suitor” like they do in O Brother Where Art Thou.  It makes it much more fun.)  And our Monday started off another crazy busy week with Sadie getting braces (I just drugged her and sent her to sleep) and both Eli and Teagan eventually home from school.  It’s that time of year for the Stewarts.  Let the sickness roll!

Oh hey, one more thing.  The competition was being streamed live so Brad watched, and recorded Sadie’s solo on Saturday night.  Eli happened to be here to have pictures taken when it came on so you can hear Brad yelling to come watch.  Obviously, not the best quality but you can get a little peek at what her solo looks like.