Monday Musings

Guys. It’s a BLIZZARD!

Ok, not really. I spent the weekend in Dallas at a dance competition with Sadie, where she earned a Gold for her solo and her group dance “So Cold” placed 2nd overall! At some point on Saturday my friend asked if I had heard about Monday’s weather. I hadn’t. That’s when I found out that Oklahoma was in for a “life threatening storm” with “blizzard like conditions”. Those are the terms the meteorologists used. That’s a big deal in these parts.

I LOVE the snow. Wait. Actually, I love being trapped inside when it snows. There’s something about being stuck at home with my family knowing that we can just relax and enjoy the time off. Of course, as a small business owner it rarely happens that I’m not doing some sort of work even on my days off, but still. I just love everyone being around!

Here’s the thing though. Stillwater is in like some weird bubble where we almost never get what we’re supposed to. It’s like Violet Incredible put some sort of force field around our town so that nothing could penetrate it. Drives. Me. Crazy. We are currently in for 3-6 inches of snow today by the looks of this map I got a screen shot of. (Yes, I take shots of the tv with my phone.)

I’m doubtful that we will get anything. I went to Wal-Mart earlier today to grab some things and it was crazier in there than it is on Christmas Eve! (From the carts I saw today, I predict that in another week there will be a lot of Stillwater citizens complaining about the weight they’ve recently put on.) It’s now 3:30 in the afternoon and after a morning of non-stop rain it’s currently just gray and gloomy. OSU classes were cancelled at 12:30 today, church activities and school practices and dance rehearsal have all been called off for this evening; and so far there’s nothing.

Here’s hoping we get at least one snowflake!

Want to see how serious the meteorologists are treating this storm? (Which actually IS happening for our neighbors to the west! Stay safe friends!) Here ya go! Blizzard Conditions