Miranda and Taylor : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

Ah. These two. Her name is Miranda but I call her Randy, because that’s how I first met her. His name is Taylor and I call him Conner. There’s really no reasoning behind that one other than I forget names. And honestly, he looks like a Conner. It doesn’t help that he answers to it. I don’t know what’s going on in my brain.

What I DO know is that I like these two. Like, a lot. And I am so stinkin’ excited to travel to Randy’s little hometown (Jay? Alex? I feel like it’s a boy name. It’s fine. I’ll figure it out) and document there special day. It is going to be awesome. And Randy will look beautiful. And Conner, er Taylor, will be super energetic and smiley. Awesome. For real.

We had a blast during their photo shoot. I hurt from laughing so much. Also, if anyone decides to do a local Dirty Dancing remake…I got your team. Wouldya just look at that lift?! #professionals

PS I had a lot of outtakes from this session that I loved. I don’t normally include those in sneak peeks. I went ahead and gave y’all a little porch-sittin gangsta swag nugget just for fun. You’re welcome.