Mi Familia : Tulsa Oklahoma Family Photographer

Things have been pretty crazy around here these days.  I mean, things with me always seem to be crazy.  In fact, my middle name Elizabeth is latin for crazy.  So  anyway, extra cray around here.  Because of  said craziness, I’ve been putting off editing this session for my sister from back in JULY because, well, she’s my sister.  And she has to love me even if I take forever to get her pictures to her.  Right?

Amy wanted to get together and take some updated family pictures because Jade had just gotten her braces off and Seth was getting ready to get his on.  I had about a 2 day window to squeeze them in between summer stuff.  So on a super cloudy and drizzly day, we got together and had a super crazy fast session before the rain moved in.

I’ve been missing my step-daddy like crazy these last few weeks.  Just so much going on, and I miss his silly texts that used to make my eyes roll but always distracted me from whatever I was dealing with.  So, pulling these photos up to edit yesterday have sure made me happy.  Thinking of him, seeing so much of him in these people that I love.  Thankful for the legacy that he has left behind.  This is what I needed this week.

We decided to do our session at the bridge at River Parks in Tulsa.  Not only is it a beautiful location, it holds special meaning to us as well.  See this plaque?  See the architect listed as “The Daniel Partnership”?  Yep, that’s our daddy.

This is Jade. She likes the camera. It makes her crazy aunt proud.

This is Seth. He likes to be goofy. Crazy aunt likes goofy.

When you have braces you can’t have Gummy Bears. So…Gummy-Bear-eating-party it is!

See? Goofy!

Please note Amy’s eyes in this next image.

So, I have this one really big issue when taking smooching shots. Keep. Your. Eyes. Closed. I don’t know why, but nothing creeps me out more than to see people’s eyes open when they are planting a smooch on someone. So, when I realized that Amy was an open-eye smoocher, I made fun of her. Because that’s what sisters do. Seth agreed with me, and then this happened.

I sure do love you guys!!!