Making Over Cancer

A few months ago I was approached about providing photography for an upcoming event. A local salon was hosting a Survivor Glam Squad day and wondered if I might be interested in being a part of the team. Um, yes! It sounded like such an amazing project and I was instantly led to participate. As the date of the event approached, we realized we were in for a big snow storm and sadly had to reschedule the day to be sure that everyone coming from out of town would be safe. Luckily, I was available for the rescheduled date.

That is, until our car died unexpectedly and I realized the date of the event was one of the only times we could really go looking for a new car. I put a request on Facebook and contacted another local photographer to see if maybe someone would be able to cover for me. No one was available and I’m not sure I’ve ever been more glad. Spending the day with the team and the survivors is something that I won’t soon forget. Seeing everyone come together to make it such a special day was simply amazing. There were facial treatments and cuts and colors and massages and new outfits and makeup…the whole nine yards. I asked to take “before” shots of each of the ladies and I’m fairly certain each one of them made a comment about dreading that part. By the time we took the after photos, they were simply beaming. And they hadn’t even seen themselves yet!

Thank you to Stacy of Hairstatis in Stillwater for seeing the need for this type of event in our town. Oh, and for finding me worthy of documenting such a special event! I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!