Madison and Taylor : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

So…this is probably too many images for a sneak peek but I just can’t narrow it down. I’ve watched Madison grow up and now she’s getting married. What?! Madison and Taylor came over a couple of weeks ago from Joplin so we could hang and take some engagement pictures. We started off downtown and ended up at Madison’s house where there is a line of trees that I somehow NEVER noticed even though I’ve been over there a bajillion times. How does that even happen? Who knows, at any rate, we shot there and I fell in love.

Madison and Taylor, I can’t wait till your wedding in May. It’s going to be so amazing!



I told Taylor to lay down on the ground and then I walked back to switch lenses.  Next think I knew I heard him say, “Airplane!” and Madison was in the air.  So I took pictures.  Duh.