Madilee in February : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

T minus 4 days until graduation. You better believe I’m counting today. I need all the days I can get!

Still wishing we’d have a huge snow, we chose to do Madi’s February senior session when there was a little bit on the ground. Still not what we were hoping for but oh well. This was her Ozark Christian College shoot. After much deliberation, prayer, discussion, prayer, mind-changing, arguing and prayer Madi finally made the decision to attend OCC in Joplin, Missouri. I can’t say that I was very excited about this decision at first. Mostly for selfish reasons. Joplin is 3 hours from me. Remember, I’m the mom that wants all my little chicks home with me all the time. As school is gearing back up in the fall and the majority of my friends are counting down the days until the kids are back at school, I’m the one at home crying because they’re going back. So the thought of Madi being even just an hour away from me makes me want to throw up.

However, I’ve realized that MY plan for her isn’t what will…or should…happen. God has a plan and I have no doubt that Madi will do great things in her lifetime. Although I still get teary eyed every time I think about it, I know that Ozark is going to be a wondeful place for her.