Lauren : Stillwater Oklahoma Children’s Photographer

Guys.  I have a dare.  I double dog dare you to look at these pictures and not smile.  Maybe it’s just me, because I was there and looking through them help me relive our session, but they just make me HAPPY!  Like those little warm fuzzy things we used to stick all over the place when we were younger.  Wait, maybe that’s just me.  Anyway…

Lauren was non-stop action during our session.  Dancing, wiggling and shaking that little tush were among her favorite things.  That is, until we hit the leaf pile.  Then she was all business.  Making a big pile, jumping in, and starting all over again.  What a doll!

Oh, and I feel compelled to add that I didn’t edit her eyes at all.   Her Mommy has the same beautiful shining blue eyes.  Swoon!

“Hey Argo, where’d your feet go?!”