Katie + Chris : Montana Wedding Photographer

Katie worked with me about 10 years ago. She was in college at OSU and was an intern at the mental health center where I worked. She babysat for my kids, even spending the night with them when Brad and I were out of town for several days. If I’d had a kid when I was like 13, it would have been Katie. She became like a member of our family.

We kept in touch over the years and when she got engaged she reached out to see if I would be willing to travel to Montana to take her wedding photos.

Um…Y E S

Katie, you couldn’t have picked a better husband or planned a better wedding. Seriously. Katie’s 5 brothers collectively walked her down the aisle. There was dancing and laughing and enjoying it ALL the entire weekend. Huckleberry Ice Cream sandwiches instead of a cake? Yes please. Heartfelt toasts from several siblings, although I’m pretty sure everyone there would have stood up to toast this amazing bride and groom if they’d had the chance.

I have too many “favorites” to share and at least this many other faves that I decided not to. The setting, the people…the whole thing was truly magical.

Congratulations dear sweet Katie. Chris, you struck gold! (Katie, you did pretty darn for well too. I like him a LOT! 😉 )

Carolyn Schwartz -

Beautifully done! You captured so many delightful moments! So glad you were there for them! Loved being part of the first look with Deb. Thanks for sharing your gift and artistry.

admin -

Loved the first look with the moms. Such a special time!