Kate and Derek : Tulsa Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

When Kate and Derek came to Stillwater for their engagement session last fall, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to like them.  A lot.  I was right.

Also, when they told me that their reception was going to be baseball themed I knew it would be a BLAST. Again, I was right! (I could so get used to this!)

When I showed up at the salon to meet Kate on her wedding day, it was like meeting with an old friend. I feel like if we lived in the same town we would so totally hang out. (Go with me on this Kate. I’m on a streak here with being right.) A person honestly can’t be around Kate without having a perma-smile plastered on their face.

Also, a person can’t be around Kate and Derek without realizing that they are totally in love with each other. Which is pretty much my favorite. Hanging out with people in love. Again with the perma-smile.

Kate, you are so beautiful!

You know how I mentioned the reception was a baseball theme? Yep. These are Kate’s reception shoes. Not gonna lie, kinda makes me want to start loving baseball a little more!

Also, the Cedar Rock Inn was an AMAZING venue!

Surprise bout’s for the guys. Roses made out of baseballs. How cool is that?!

The Cedar Rock Inn has these little cookies. They may be a wee bit addictive.

When your tie is too long and you can’t make it work…just cut it off!

See how they look at each other? Totally in love!

There were a lot of little cuties at this wedding but Miss Sammy totally had my heart. She reminds me so much of myself at her age. Blonde hair, brown eyes (er, hazel, sorry Sammy!), and LOVES her mama!

Kate’s brother walked her to the aisle where Derek met them. So sweet!

Loved this unity cross!

Know what they walked out to? Manna manna by the Muppets! LOVE!

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