Brooke : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Brooke wanted something different for her senior pictures so we visited some places that I don’t go to that often. One of them, the old run down gas station, has to be among my top 5 locations. I’d only shot there once before Brooke and that was last year so it was like discovering it all over again. Even when I do take clients to the same places, I strive to be different with posing and locations within locations so that everyone gets something new. That’s one of the things I love so much about what I do, being creative! You know, it would be fun to photograph all of my seniors in the same spot. Just one shot of each of them in the same location just to share how even the same spot can look different when the clients personality is showing. Hmmmm, might have to try that next year when I start on the 2013 seniors!

Until then, enjoy Brooke’s sneak peek. She’s SO gorgeous!