Audrey : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I’m telling you…I’ve been on a run with beautiful senior girls with the most amazing blue eyes!  Audrey used to dance with my Sadie and I remember when she first started I thought she was a new teacher.  I think part of it was her height (hey tall drink of gorgeousness!) but it was also the way that she carried her self with such poise and grace.  Although I’m pretty sure I remember discussing with her mom during her session that she could be quite clumsy, she definitely doesn’t show it.  😉

Audrey plans to attend OSU next year and I’m sure she’ll be terrific at whatever career path she chooses.  Her mom and I both think she belongs on the evening news.  Wouldn’t she be great?!  I’d definitely watch her!

Thanks Audrey and Marla (and friends!) for a great morning riding around the Gator (yay for not wrecking!) and campus and the lake.  I had a blast and hope you did too!