Angus : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

“Am I smiling?”

I hear that a lot during senior sessions. Especially session’s with senior boys. My general response is, “Um. I don’t know. It looks like you are right now.” Which generally results in a nice natural smile OR an I-don’t-get-it face which is usually accompanied by a nice soft serious look. See, I totally know what I’m doing! Honestly, I tend to do more guiding during a session than actual posing. I find that it results in pictures that look a lot more like each individual client.

So Angus asked a lot of questions. And I gave a lot of silly answers. Which meant that I got a whole lotta nice natural faces. Way to go Angus!

As a coach in the youth group at my church, I’ve had the opportunity to really watch Angus mature over the last few years. There was a time when he wouldn’t make eye contact with me. Or speak. Then something happened and Angus started really maturing and is such a neat, personable young man now. How cool it’s been to watch that transformation. I’m so looking forward to watching this guy and what I’m sure he’ll be able to accomplish in life!