Amy + John Kyle : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagment Photography

Let me apologize in advance…this is gonna be long. I love my job because I get to meet and spend time with some pretty amazing people. Insert Amy and John-Kyle here. He actually goes by JK, which makes me smile everytime I say it. Just kidding, maybe not every time. (See how I threw that “just kidding” in there? I crack myself up!)


Amy and JK are amazing people. They originally scheduled their e-session on 9/3 and their wedding for 6/2/12. JK’s in the army though and it looked like they were going to get married just in time for him to be away for a long time so things were moved up. A lot. And NOW, that original e-session date is their WEDDING date! Whew! I think I’d be so stressed out moving my wedding up nearly a year but Amy is just not even letting it phase her. When talking about where they originally planned for the reception to be she said, “Man, that would have been pretty. But I get to be JK’s wife so much sooner now!” They both know that the end goal is to spend the rest of their lives together and they are so ready.

Congrats you two. I can’t WAIT for the awesomeness that I know will be your wedding. I’ll bring the Peachio’s! *wink*

It’s been H.O.T. here and as we started our session it looked like we might be in for a much needed shower. No rain, but we did get some awesome looking clouds. I’ll take it!

You guys are too cute!

Seriously? Look at these eyeballs! I predict super cute kids in the future…

JK and Amy -

They look great Margo!! You were such a blast to shoot with, I have never seen another photographer have so much fun with their clients! Thank you so much. We are both really looking forward to having you shoot the wedding! And tell Maddie I am going home with those Peachios whether she like it or not!!