Abigail : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Meet Abigail, a very cool and quirky young lady from right here in Stillwater. I had so much fun shooting her senior session last week. We had discussed locations and a few props to incorporate prior to getting together. I had no idea the extent of props that she would show up with. An avid writer and reader, we started off on the OSU campus with all the wonderful architecture there. After that, we hit the downtown area where we wound up on some train tracks with her Grandmother’s Queen Anne chair while she sported her show gown and played some tunes for me. I told Abigail that I’m hoping one of my last 2 kiddos will take up the violin. I think it’s such a beautiful sound! The last several months I have thoroughly enjoyed the addition of Abigail and her violin to our worship music on the occasional Sunday morning at Sunnybrook. What a talent!

The third part of our session may just have been one of my favorites of all time. The way everything just fell together was amazing. Abigail is a huge fan of Wonderland and brought several things to use as props including a tea cup, her copy of the book and an awesome hat that she put together. As we were setting things up we thought what a shame it was that we didn’t have a little side table. Luckily, I think out-loud so when I wondered (aloud) if I had anything that would work Abigail’s mom remembered seeing some vintage suitcases in my car when I got my camera out at some point. Not only that but I had a fun crochet table cloth that was a welcome addition to the set. Abigail was “warmed up” as this was the end of our session and she was a bit more used to me and my craziness at this point. However, I just loved how she came to life when she assumed the part of the Mad Hatter. It was SO fun!

Thanks for a wonderful time during your senior session Abigail. I wish you the absolute best next year at OSU, although I’m sure you don’t need it. I’m pretty sure you’ll go far…congratulations on your graduation!