a belated happy birthday post for my boy

I had this ready to go on his birthday which was last Friday the 21st.  I just haven’t had a chance to get it up here!  Better late than never though, right?  Right?  Whatever.

Somehow my little Eli, my Eli Schmeli, sweet little Schmee Schmo has grown up and is now a 13 year old.  I’m not really sure what happened. 

Was it really that long ago that I was propping him up on my bed to take pictures of Madi and her new baby brother?


Could it really have been 5 years ago that I was scrambling to figure out where to have his baseball birthday party when it was pouring rain outside on party day?


I swear it seems like I blink and these kids just change before my eyes.  When I’m with them every day I just don’t notice all the changes.  But going through these old pictures.  Wow.  Quite an eye opener.  Eli has been such an incredible joy to our family.  He’s witty and smart and funny and sensitive.  He’ll make a great husband and daddy some day and although I can’t wait to see all of that I just want him to stay little for a while longer.  I don’t guess 13 is really all that little though is it.

The day before his birthday Eli came home from school saying he was going to wear a suit on his birthday.  Um, ok.  He later told me that he wanted to wear it because everyone would wonder what was going on and think maybe they forgot about something important that day.  Such a goof!  Brad and I were a little concerned that he might get teased.  Or beat up.  You know how kids can be.  They don’t all have the quirky sense of humor that Eli has.  So we talked to him about it and asked what he would say when some kid asked him why he was wearing a suit to school.  He decided his reply would be, “It’s my birthday suit.” 

We did convince him to wear jeans instead of his slacks.  The whole thing together reminded me a little too much of that final scene in Big when Tom Hanks changes back into his kid body and is running into his house with his shoes falling off.  The jeans were way better.  He had a great birthday and got lots of compliments on his birthday suit.  Oh, and he didn’t get beat up.  Bonus!

Happy belated birthday Elijah.  I love you!


shannon -

OMG they just don’t come much cuter than Eli! I love his pics, he has such a huge hysterical personality!


Ashley Smith -

love his outfit or maybe since he is a guy it would be attire! c wore his tie to shirt this morning…with shorts 🙂