10 on Tuesday

It’s February and I’ve got Valentine’s Day on my mind. So, this week I’m linking back to my Valentines Day post from last year. Why? Because I can. Also, because it was officially a top 8 and I’m here to throw in 2 more!

So visit my 10 on Tuesday post from 2.14.12 to find my top 8 Valentine’s Day ideas on Pinterest. And enjoy these final 2 ideas that you may or may not see coming from our house this year!

1. After seeing my friend Shannon post a picture of some incredibly cute Valentine’s that she purchased I decided I should probably do something with test tubes. LOVE them! Actually, I should probably just buy them like my friend Shannon did. Especially since my friend Tara just told me today as I was agonizing over my to-do list that maybe Valentine’s weren’t a necessity. Who am I kidding though. You know I’m going to do them anyway. So I found this on Pinterest and will possibly be making a version of it for my Teagan to give to her friends.

2. Guys, seriously. How adorable are these?! And I just happen to have supplies to make them since I’m a PACK RAT and buy stuff for projects that never get made and then forget I have them and buy more. I’m telling you, it’s an endless cycle.

So there you have it, the final 2 from a year ago. Maybe I’ll get it together and make these for the little girls to give out. Wait. What’s today? The 5th? That means Valentine’s Day is really soon. Hmmmmm, I may need to rethink that!