10 on Tuesday

As you might have imagined from the LACK of my 10 on Tuesday posts the last couple of weeks, things around here are super duper crazy! The kids are officially out of school for the summer and we are wrapping up all of the end of season activities for them. Somehow, I always think that the summer is going to bring a slower schedule and lazy days but then that never really happens. I guess as the kids get older and are involved more, things tend to slow down even less. Bummer.

So, because I can’t stand for another week to go by without me posting my 10 and because somehow it’s already Tuesday again…I’m sharing another link to another top 10. My mother-in-law actually pointed this one out over the weekend. She had seen my previous post about the Top Ten Things To Tell Teenage Girls and Boys and mentioned that there was one for Mom’s too. I hadn’t noticed that one before so I looked it up. I’d have to agree with pretty much every single thing on this list. Lots of great ideas for new mom’s here! If you are a new Mom or if you know someone who will soon be a new mom be sure to forward this on to them. They’ll enjoy it!

Top Ten Things For New Mom’s To Know