10 on Tuesday

Here’s the thing with being a photographer. You take a lot of pictures and friends always comment about how you must have the BEST pictures of your own family and friends. But the ones you take for yourself aren’t top of the list to edit and finish. It’s kind of sad really. I personally tend to feel a little bit guilty working on personal pictures when I have pictures for clients in the queue. I think it’s just sort of par for the course. Ya know?

So a little while ago (like, several years) one of my bff’s got engaged. And then she had an engagement party. And a wedding shower. And a super fabulous terrific wedding in Napa Valley. I took pictures at every event. You wouldn’t know it though because I am just NOW editing them. Ugh.

So for this weeks 10 on Tuesday I bring you…the top 10 fun things from Sue Ann’s wedding shower. Which was in, um, April…of 2010.

1. Denise brought her baby Patrick! This is the first time that we met this little guy and he is a DOLL! Teagan especially loved him. She has a thing for small children. And animals.

2. Sue Ann. Also known as “Swanne”. That’s what happens if you say it super fast. This is the girl we all gathered around for to say “Woohoo! You’re getting married!”

3. This was a little something I made for Sue Ann. Her wedding colors were green and purple (which I love by the way!) and her new last name will start with a B. So I got all these fun little knobs and made this bouquet for her. It was super heavy but super cute. So there you have it.

4. Shannon and I had a lot of fun putting the shower together. As you can see, our spread all fit the wedding color theme. And I got a little crazy creative and made tiny little candied apples with purple sugar. Yum!

5. Who doesn’t love super bling! Yes, it’s plastic. But it’s still super bling!

6. What’s better than meeting baby Patrick and attending Sue Ann’s shower? Duh…that would be Sue Ann lovin’ on baby Patrick!

7. I may have said super bling earlier but this right here is the REAL super bling!

8. I’m sure I’m a little bit biased but I sort of think that seeing a bff from high school with a child of my own is one of the coolest things EVER!

9. Moms. Ahhhhh…how we love them! This is Candy and Wendy, two mom’s I grew up visiting and completely love. With my own mom not around anymore I love that I still have these ladies around to share my future with.

10. Finally we have sweet Chloe Boomer Sooner Booker. Sweetest pup around. Sweet Chloe has gone to doggy heaven and I know she’s dearly missed. But she had an amazing little family and visitors that, as you can clearly see, loved her to pieces!

By the way, I’m slowly working my way through my personal pictures. Weekends and late nights are my time so that’s when I’ve been trying to chisel through everything and get them done. Finally!

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