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Tori + Chandler = Rogers : Stillwater Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Are you ready? Because there are a LOT of pictures from this wedding. There were just too many to narrow down. In fact, I would have included more but I had to stop at some point. ;)

Tori and Chandler, you are amazing. I have absolutely loved being a part of this season with you two. I wish you guys every happiness in the years to come!

So, I actually work with Tori’s Mom.  When she told me that Tori and Chandler were getting married at their house and that Tori’s Daddy was going to build a gazebo, I had a vision in my mind of how wonderful it would be.  Um.  Let me tell you about Tori’s Daddy.  He loves this girl and only the best is good enough.  While shooting bridal party pictures, I noticed this in the slab of the “gazebo”.  Tori and Chan’s hand prints along with their wedding date, to be there for years and years just like their love.  There’s a chance I teared up when I saw this.  Just sayin’.


A father-daughter first sight always gets me.  This one is no different.  Can’t you just feel the love and pride coming from Dad’s face as he sees his baby girl as a bride!


Oh hey there handsome.  Check out that jaw line y’all.  Also, my step-daddy had a big dimple in his chin so I’m a sucker for that.  Good lookin’, hilarious, sensitive AND he loves Jesus.  Tori, good catch!


Don’t worry, Chandler got a pretty amazing catch himself.  Would you just LOOK at this stunning bride.  Tori is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know.  She is beautiful inside and out.

When she put her wedding dress on I’m pretty sure I had an audible gasp.  I mean, would you just look at her?!


And then…this happened.  Eli snapped this shot of Chandler waiting for Tori to arrive for their first sight.



Followed by this gorgeous girl as Chandler turned around and saw her for the first time on their wedding day.


His reaction is among the favorites I’ve shot.  Tears.  Having to bend over and catch his breath.  More tears.  This is how a man should always look at his bride.


I can’t.  I would photograph these two every day if I could!


I have to just say that as soon as that tall guy came over I immediately said, “Oh my gosh.  What’s up young Elvis?!”

Apparently  no one has EVER told him that he looks like Elvis and I’m wondering if he lives in a hole in the ground because HELLO!

Like, I feel like if his career of choice doesn’t work out he could probs move to Vegas and make some good money.  Right?


These two nearly stole the show.  Aren’t the adorable?!


Oh Chandler.  Sigh.  Just look how excited he is!


That’s little Tori in the framed photo.  LOVE.


This is the part when the bridal party gathers after the ceremony and Tori and Chandler exchange rings because when they did it during the ceremony…there were no actual rings.

It’s fine.  It worked out.  AND I was able to get these shots of them REALLY putting their rings on.


The whole week prior to the ceremony there was like a 100% chance of rain.  It turned out to be a gorgeous night.



Did I mention how fun these two are?  Ha!  I love you guys!


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Luke and Kirsten : Stillwater Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

I’m leaving town tomorrow and have a million things to take care of but I couldn’t leave without getting this sneak peek up. I’m so honored to have spent this day with these two families. It was a beautiful day full of love and smiles! Luke and Kirsten, you’re married! I can’t wait to watch you grow together as Mr and Mrs!

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Ali and Matthew, Part 2 : Stillwater Wedding Photographer

I’m back for part 2 of this amazing wedding.  If you remember, I had to split this one up in two posts because there were just too many from the day for me to narrow it down.  I love reliving this day by working on the images.  It makes me smile from ear to ear.  Thanks again for allowing me to document this special time for you guys!

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