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Libby and Brent : Stillwater Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

I woke up to thunder and the pitter patter of rain on my bedroom window. After rubbing my eyes and remembering where I was (which is the norm for me in the morning!) I took a big gasp and said, “Libby and Brent are getting married! It can’t rain!” Luckily, the rain did stop and the sun came out and of course then we had wonderful Oklahoma humidity, but nothing put a damper on the day for Libby and Brent. It was an amazing day with an even more amazing group of people. Followed by a super amazing party. These folks know how to do it up RIGHT!

Libby gave all of her girls monogrammed shirts to wear while getting ready. SO cute!

Madi got this sweet shot of Libby’s Mom and sister having a moment after seeing her in her gown for the first time.

Oh how I love this special time for the bride and groom!

Brent’s best man got married last year and I shot his wedding too. Being in the same group of friends, they had a lot of the same groomsmen. It was so much fun to work with them all again. There are some definite trouble makers in the bunch and I gave them a hard time about it but they are a BLAST!

The one request for shots Libby had was this one.  From the movie Bridesmaids.  CRACKS me up!

Ok, girls act like guys and guys act like girls.  LOVED this bridal party!

Loved this high-five with Daddy!

Never fails, I’m always finding bridesmaids shoes and flowers scattered around after a ceremony!

Libby and Brent’s reception space looked incredible! I was able to start out there at the beginning of the day and capture pictures before everyone filled the room.

LOVED these party favors!

“…a little bit softer now”

Libby’s Delta Gamma sorority sisters surrounding the couple for their traditional DG song. What a great memory!

I’m telling you, there was some serious dancing going on at this party!

Even Grandma was out there bustin’ a move!

The photo booth at the wedding was where everyone who wasn’t on the dance floor was!

They printed out pictures for the guests AND made a scrapbook on-site that all the guests got to sign. It was SO cool!

Libby + Brent = Love


Ceremony location    .    Countryside Baptist Church,  Stillwater OK


Reception venue    .   Meditations


Wedding Coordinator    .    Emily @ Countryside for ceremony


Hair    .  Family friend


Makeup    .   Bridesmaid


Florist    .    Anna Teague


Music/DJ    .    Greg Sturge w/ Infinity Music


Photo Booth    .   How To Party


Cake    .    Raspberries n Creme Bakery


Libby’s dress    .  David’s bridal


Bridesmaid dresses    .   Target




Special Songs


Processional    .  Canon in D


First Dance    .   Cross My Heart by George Strait






Something Old    .    The diamond in Libby’s necklace was her dad’s grandmothers and he gave it to her mom in a ring when they were married.

She had it made into a necklace and gave it to Libby at her bridal shower.


Something New    .    Libby’s gorgeous shoes!


Something Borrowed    .    The necklace chain she wore was borrowed from her Great-Grandma


Something Blue    .    Libby’s Great-Grandma made her blue garter

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Stacey and Brit : Stillwater Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

I’ve had so much fun working with this couple and getting to know them. From their engagement session (where they witnessed me fall flat on my face), to Stacey’s bridal session (holy COW it was hot that day!), and ending with their perfect wedding day…I loved every minute of it. Thank you for trusting me to capture this amazing time for you guys!

After the first dance, the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance there was a special little surprise…all the guys danced with the Mother of the Bride. Yep. Stacey’s Mom had it goin’ ON!

Stacey + Brit = Love

Ceremony location    .    First Baptist Church,  Stillwater OK

Reception venue    .    Payne County Expo Center Community Building (South)

Wedding Coordinator    .    Brit and Stacey

Hair    . Fringe Benefits

Makeup    .    Fringe Benefits

Florist    .    Lindsey Kesselhuth of OKC

Music/DJ    .    Joe and Dawn Lemon – OOPS Entertainment

Cake    .    Jessica from Food Pyramid

Stacey’s dress    .  Custom designed gown by David Christian.

Bridesmaid dresses    . S J Bridal/Mori-lee Bridal Line


Special Songs

Processional    .  Marry Me by Train

First Dance    .    God gave me you- Dave Barns/ Blake Shelton



Something Old    .    Great Grandma’s wedding pearls

Something New    .    Stacey’s beautiful dress

Something Borrowed    .  Pearl earrings and bracelet from bridesmaid Sydney

Something Blue    .    The “I Do” on the bottom of her shoes


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Courtney and Kyle : Stillwater Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

They had the wedding of their dreams, complete with every little detail you could imagine. Including a completely legit alter piece hand crafted by the groom and his father. In preparing for their big day they hired a photographer who they felt would be able to capture this once-in-a-lifetime day for them. Pictures worthy of showing their children and children’s children.

I’ll never forget Kyle and Courtney coming up to me after church one Sunday asking if I might be able to help them. Wedding over, they had waited in anticipation for the pictures from their special day. And then they got them. Under-exposed and out of focus pictures from the day they said I Do. I don’t know all of the details but from what I gathered, it sounds like the photographer they chose wasn’t equipped to handle an indoor wedding. My heart absolutely broke as I imagined my own wedding and wondered what I would do if I had nothing to document that day. Not only did the pictures not turn out, the video somehow got turned off so they didn’t even have that. But Kyle, being the best brand-new husband he is, had a plan.

So we gathered a few weeks after the initial vows were exchanged with their wonderful pastor who was willing to do it all again just for the sake of video and portraits. I wasn’t there for the “real” wedding, but I got tears in my eyes watching these two do it all over again. It’s obvious how much they are in love. I wouldn’t wish what happened to them on anyone. However, I’m awfully glad that I had the opportunity to capture these memories for such a sweet couple!

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