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Cadence Joy : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

Baby Bennett #4 has finally arrived!  I remember when Ryan and Lindsey were getting married, and now they’re the proud parents of 3 girls and a boy.  Just like me, which is extra fun to watch another family with the same dynamic as we have here at home.  Cadence waited 14 days after her due date to arrive but when she was ready she came FAST.  I think she was just anxious to finally join her sweet family in the outside world.

Welcome to the world sweet little Cadence Joy.  I’m thrilled that you’re here!

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Eden Truth : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

The plan was to meet Leah and Chris in Oklahoma City on the scheduled c-section day.  I’ve photographed the birth of their two middle children and was honored to be asked to document the arrival of their third daughter.  As I was sitting at the kitchen table one night, about 4 weeks before Leah’s surgery,  my husband said, “Leah had an emergency c-section?”  I didn’t know what had happened but I knew that if I hadn’t gotten a call then something serious was going on.  That’s Leah’s story to share, but as I stood by her side in the hospital a couple of days later as she recounted what happened I couldn’t be more thankful that my dear friend and her sweet little baby were here.  Little Eden is tiny (just 5 1/2 lbs the day we did her session!) but otherwise healthy.  She sounds like a mouse, a very high-pitched one, when she cries and her little face scrunches all up.  Leah is slowly recovering and embracing being a mom of four and all the craziness that comes with it.

Love you guys!

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Hayes : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

In 2009 I met the sweetest little twin girls who came to Stillwater for me to photograph them.  Presley and Sterling were so much fun and I remember how much I loved their session.  The next year, they came back to visit with their new baby brother Jagger.  We had even more fun with that sweet baby boy and I got an epic shot of him tinkling all over the place.  It was awesome.  Then last month I got an email from their Mom, she was expecting again and wanted to come back for newborn pictures.  Um, yes please!  Mom and Grandma brought sweet little Hayes to see me earlier this week and he was such a sweetie.  I always forget how teensy newborns are!  Hayes was perfect for his session and in between set ups I stole a couple smooches and sniffs of that sweet baby head.  I just couldn’t help myself!

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