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Collins : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time.  I first met Miguel and Lauren at a wedding that I was shooting.  They approached me and said they wanted me to shoot THEIR wedding and I was all, “Um.  Ok.  But first lemme finish up this one.”  lol

That was the beginning of what has become such a fun friendship.  From their engagement session, to wedding, some family and graduation sessions and now a newborn!  Collins, you’ve got some really amazing parents.  (Don’t tell your Daddy I said that because we like to give each other a hard time.)  Truly though, you struck gold with this pair.  Plus so many other family and friends who are going to all have a hand in helping you grow to become an amazing person.  In the meantime, stay small and tiny and adorable because you’re real good at it.  Muah!

PS I’m sorry for the teddy bear picture.  Pete?  Peter? What was his name again?  Oh, Peach! Yeah, it’s fine.  Don’t look so scared sweet girl.  ;)

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Jolee : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

My friends are now Mommy and Daddy! Sweet Jolee Rae was born March 22nd and she has been so worth the wait. Would you just look at that face?! She wasn’t really in the mood to sleep when we did her newborn session but once we stuck her in Daddy’s waders (lol) she was comfy and sleepy.

I think my very favorite images from this session are of them all together. Jolee, you have your parents wrapped around your little finger. You are a DOLL!

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Oliver : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

Guys. Will you just look at this scrumptious little guy?! I totally thought Mama was going to have a girl. I was, obviously, wrong. Sweet little Oliver arrived just a few weeks before Christmas and I can’t imagine a better gift. He wasn’t really in the mood to sleep during our session but it’s fine. How can you even be a tiny bit frustrated with a face like that?!

Congratulations on your amazing gift Amber and Nick!

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