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The Coleman Family : Stillwater Oklahoma Family Photographer

Love this family! They recently came to Stillwater from their new home in the Dallas area. Actually, they’ve been there several years so it’s not exactly new. But whatever.


They came to Stillwater for the weekend before Thanksgiving to visit friends and go to the OSU game. They stayed with us and it was great having them around. Except I have one little issue.

Raelynn doesn’t like me.

It’s tragic people. Seriously tragic. ALL little people like me. It’s like a little people law or something. When they first got here I figured she wasn’t crazy about me because she’d been traveling all day and it was late. She didn’t reallly like anyone around here. But then the next day, I still wasn’t her favorite person. Then finally at dinner Chris and Lynsey told me that she likes boys better than girls. Which is why she thought Brad was cooler than me. At least that finally made sense. Cause everyone knows I’m cooler than him. Duh.

Whatever. I’ll win you over one of these days Rae! In the meantime, I did manage to get some pictures where she was actually smiling at me. Yay!

This is totally one of my favorites!

Down and ready…go!

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The Ford Family

We scheduled a session for the Ford kids on a day that turned out to be super cold and blustery so we had to reschedule. Luckily, I was able to still squeeze them in before leaving for Haiti and our new date ended up being absolutely beautiful! We started off at Gallagher Iba for some Cowboy pictures and then made our way to a nearby field before the sun set.

Thanks for giving me some great smiles, you guys did great!

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The Paden Family : Stillwater Oklahoma Family Photographer

Oh how I enjoy this family! I’ve watched William and Alex grow over the last few years and it’s been so much fun. William is such a sweet guy, willing to help in any way. Alex is a little ham, full of energy. LOTS of energy. Being the mom of 4 children myself, I’ve pretty much seen it all. So when clients get stressed out because their kids aren’t behaving perfectly I just giggle. And keep shooting. Because THAT is what I love to capture…kids being themselves!

That picture on the right? One of my absolute FAVES!


And…a bonus for William and Alex cause I promised I show them!

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