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All In The Family : Stillwater Family Photographer

I know I said that I was getting ready to blog a whole lot of super cute senior girls.  I promise, I am.  I just have to interrupt that lineup real quick to show you this fun extended family session I did.  When all the sisters and mom are in town you get everyone together to take pictures.  Right?  Yes!

As you can see, Maddox was kind of the star of the show.  There might have been some bribing for smiles from him but don’t worry.  He didn’t get filled up with all sorts of sugary junk.  He was bribed with string cheese…and I fully supported it!  He LOVES that string cheese!  Milo just loved the warm air and needed no string cheese.  ;)


Aren’t these sisters just stunning?!  Those eyes!


I don’t remember what he said here but it was apparently hilarious.  ;)

Me: You guys smiling?  Everyone smiling?

Maddox: Turns around to be sure.  lol



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Holden : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

This little guy has the most squeezable cheeks! Also, he was definitely not switched at birth. He looks so much like I remember his big brother and sister looking when I shot their newborn photos. Speaking of them, they are so in love with this new baby brother. Easton is adorable saying “I hold that baby” and Ellie is the perfect little Mommy. They are all so stinkin’ cute. I’m pretty sure they should have more babies in the future. ;)


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The Palmer Family : Stillwater Oklahoma Family Photographer

My sweet neighbors Bob and Carol had their whole family here in town for Christmas and wanted to have some pictures taken to document the occasion.  We decided to do it the Sunday after Christmas, with the next day being a back up in case the weather got bad.  Wouldn’t you know the forecast for both Sunday AND Monday was awful.  I checked with Carol and it turned out that everyone would be here for Christmas Eve so we decided that’s when it would need to be.  I’m so glad that worked!  With my two oldest not living at home any  more I know how rare it can be to have everyone in one place.  We lucked out and had beautiful weather, although Madison and especially little Sivon were pretty chilly.  We went fast though and ended up finding some warm snuggle blankets to finish our session with.

Thanks for letting me document this holiday for you guys.  I sure enjoyed meeting you all!

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