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everybody was kung fu fighting

5dmkll_2009_07_18_0243-1webEverybody, meet my sister Amy.  I got to shoot her (with my camera of course) last weekend. She’s been waiting patiently for me to get the sneak peek up and well…I’m slow.  So this afternoon I was going through her session and ran across this little gem:  an actual shot of Kung Fu Mama in action.  I know the kids out there are proably terrified to know that she exists.  Not only that, but that her hair can look so bouncy and beautiful and shampoo-commercial-ready while she’s actual doing her Kung Fu Mama fighting.  Children beware.  She’s out there and she’s real.  And your mom just might be taking lessons from her.  I’d behave if I were you.  Just sayin’…

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