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Ellie : Stillwater Oklahoma Baby Photographer

Love this baby. For real. If I said things like “she’s the bees knees” then I’d say that about her. Ellison, stay chunky baby. You’re super cute that way! See you in a couple months for your 9 month shoot!

Oh Ellison, I love you in your swimsuit!

Your legs look more tasty than a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket!

You may possibly have the best shoe collection of any 6 month old I’ve ever known.

Did I mention that I love your chunky legs?

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Ellie : 3 months old : Stillwater Oklahoma baby photographer

I was thrilled to do Ellie’s newborn session and even more thrilled when her Mommy and Daddy decided to enroll her in my First Year plan. That means I get to keep seeing her every few months. Yay!

Here is sweet Miss Ellison at her 3 month session. She is so strong and can hold her head up so well already. I have no doubt that she’ll be sitting on her own the next time we’re together. Right now she’s a little giggly-gurgly thing who likes to lay there and talk for a bit and then ultimately be held. Jenny and Cody, I’m happy to hold her anytime you need a break!

And, because I’m sure this is what she was thinking during our Easter portion of her 3 month session…

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Cooper’s Cake Smash : Stillwater Oklahoma Baby Photographer

In honor of little Mister Cooper turning 1, we had a fun cake smash session. We started out with some shots outside but it was so windy and chilly and we didn’t last long. So we retreated to the nice cozy warmth of inside and busted out Cooper’s puppy cake leftover from his birthday party. This cake was absolutely AMAZING. A friend of Cooper’s mom made it!

Happy birthday Cooper! It has been an absolute pleasure watching you grow this year!

Check out this cake! As you can see, Cooper wasn’t shy about just diving right in.

A fistful of yummy goodness…

I give this cake a thumbs up!

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