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Emmy at 6 months : Stillwater Oklahoma Baby Photographer

My sweet little chunky monkey friend Emmy came in last month for her 6 month session and I LOVE HER.  I mean, to be fair I’m not sure I’ve ever met a baby I didn’t love.  Babies of a friend I’ve never actually met in  real life currently greet me every time I open my phone so yeah.  I like babies.

But Emmy is a special one.  She’s always there with a squishy hug right when I need it.  And her sister Tess?  Yeah, she and I could get in some trouble together I think.  She’s a HOOT!  Also, she makes the best faces.

So, here are some of my faves from our time together.

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Emmy : Stillwater Oklahoma Baby Photographer

Sweet Emmy and her parents came to see me for her 3-month session and y’all…she is scrumptious! I sniffed her little noggin a whole lot. And called her a chunky monkey. If she were ice cream I would totally eat her up!

She loves her hands in her mouth, as you can see. And she has the cutest little pouty lip face that will probably earn her anything she wants when she starts talking. And oh my goodness, she is a complete snuggle bug. Basically, I love her.


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Gigi (and family) : Stillwater Oklahoma Baby Photographry

This sweet little peach came to have a 6 month session with me last month and she was a DOLL baby.  Also, she has pretty much everyone wrapped around her finger.  Including her fun family (who also came for some pictures) AND…a very special guest that showed up for pictures as well.  I’ll let you see who it is for yourselves!

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